trešdiena, 2013. gada 8. maijs

Want to share with You

There is one great post i found today i would like to share with you: 10 reasons why 2013 will be the year you quit your job. Made me think :) I think i m going to delete all game app in and In case, my colleagues read this - don't worry (or don't start to celebrate), i m not going to quit my job. At least, not now :)

otrdiena, 2013. gada 7. maijs

#atozchallenge: Reflections

Woo-ho! I did that! So proud of myself. Usually i m the one who can start a lot of things and finish noone :D
So, how it was?

  • From number 1149 on sign-up list i went up to 963 :) 
  • I have 2 more followers i had
  • I found few very interesting blogs to follow. I believe there were/is much more
  • My blog was found by spam :D - nothing serious, just bigger traffic
  • I have almost 30 new posts i wouldn't have without this challenge
  • I have a small promise to myself to update my blog more frequently than once per month
Going to participate next year challenge either, if i will remember to do that. I quess, i'll try photography next time :) I m not good at writting in english or any other language than latvian.